How to “Edit/Modify” Album Information on Facebook

I recently created an album on Facebook and uploaded photos into it. Then I realized that I have to modify the description of the album that I’ve created. After editing the description of the Album, I kept on hitting the button named “Done”, nothing happened.

Done Button

I even tried modifying the date, album title, location and album contributors but still the button seemed “disabled”. But after trying some steps, finally I have successfully edited the album.

Here’s how I modified/changed the album name. description and other settings:

  1. Go to the album page.
  2. Hit the “Edit” button located at the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. Here you can edit the album title, description, location, privacy, album contributors and photo description.
  4. After modifying the information about the album, hitting the button “Done” will not save the things that you have done. So what I did was I add a photo by clicking the “Add Photos” button.
  5. Afterwards, if you tap “Post Photos” this will upload new photos and save changes that you’ve done with the album or you may tap on the “Cancel” button which it will cancel the upload of the new photo but it will save changes that you’ve done with the album.


How to “Edit/Modify” Album Information on Facebook