The 5 Best Strategy Games For Android

Of all the genres that can be played on a mobile device, strategy is my favorite. Touchscreens often aren’t the best choice for titles that rely on quick reflexes, but in strategy titles where planning is more important than reacting, that’s not a problem.It’s also a bit hard to look mature while tapping away in a game like N.O.V.A. 2. Let’s have a look at some strategy games for Android that can help whittle the away the hours, no matter where you are.

Townsmen 6 [Android 1.6+]

strategy games android

I have no idea why developer HandyGames decided to allege that Townsmen 6 occurs during the French Revolution. Far from a bloody title in which heads constantly roll and classes go to war, Townsmen 6 is a relaxing but complex strategy title that focuses on expanding your town and keeping peasants happy. Sure, there’s some French Revolution flavor added, but it’s cartoonish and mostly an excuse for game mechanics.

Perhaps the closest relative to this game is the Anno series of strategy titles for the PC, which also focuses on population happiness and expansion for expansion sake. SimCity fansmight enjoy this title, as well, though it focuses more on micro-management than that franchise.

You’ll need Android version 1.6 or better to install it.

Battleheart [Android 2.0.1+]

strategy games android free

My personal favorite, Battleheart is a popular game that blends an engaging graphical style similar to Castle Crashers with real-time strategy gameplay. You’ll find yourself in control of four characters, each with their own class, weapons, and powers. Mages, warriors, rogues, barbarians and more can be added to your party.

Battleheart is easy at first, but the difficulty begins to ramp up about an hour into the game. The game blends in RPG elements by offering a leveling system for your party members and equipment upgrade. You’ll have the opportunity to change character skills and weapons between levels.

Battleheart is priced at $2.99 and worth every penny. There is no free version. You’ll need Android 2.0.1 or better.

Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom [Android 1.6+]

strategy games android free

In 2000, a game called Majesty debuted for the PC. Though it looked like many other fantasy strategy titles, it offered unique gameplay. Instead of directly controlling a kingdom, players manipulated the world by constructing buildings, hiring heroes and setting objectives for them.

In other words, this is a macro-management game that focuses on the big picture. By taking many direct control options away, players have to think creatively and plan well. Although the Android version is unique to the platform in many ways, the basic gameplay concepts are the same as the PC title that debuted years ago. Even the graphics, for better or worse, recall a bygone era of PC strategy.

You’ll need Android 1.6 or newer to play.

Sentinel 3: Homeworld [Android 2.1+]

strategy games android free

One of the newer tower defense games to hit the Android scene and take off, Sentinel 3: Homeworld is the latest game in a series that was originally developed for iOS (that’s why the Android Market has no Sentinel or Sentinel 2).

The gameplay is similar to many other tower defense games, but it adds a small twist – a command mech and a “sentinel” spaceship. Both can be upgraded with abilities and equipment, adding some excitement and providing you with more options for dealing with the creeps.

Also worth mentioning are the graphics, which are among the best in the strategy genre. The game looks particularly good on tablets with the HD pack installed.

You’ll need Android version 2.1 or better to play.

Templar Assault [Android 1.6+]

strategy games android

By far the least well known game on this list, Templar Assault is the latest effort by the “the Trese bros”, who are also responsible for the immensely popular Star Traders RPG. Warhammer 40k fans are sure to love this title, as it is more or less an unofficial version of Space Hulk for your phone.

Graphically, this game doesn’t offer much, but it makes up for that with deep tactical gameplay. You command a squad of soldiers tasked to remove an alien presence, and as the game progresses, the means you have for doing so mount. There are times where this game can be difficult, but if you’ve ever been a fan of turn-based strategy, you won’t find this title too troublesome.

Templar Assault is free. There is also an Elite version available for $1.99.


Do you agree or disagree with my selections here? Did I miss a favorite Android strategy tile that you’ve been playing for hours? Let us know about your feelings and your favorite strategy games for Android in the comments.


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