Google Introduces ‘Currents’ – A New Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Sites On The Go

Mobile devices are one of the top ways we check news, watch videos, and interact with social networks. In short, it’s how we consume content. Doing what it does best, Google has released a new app for Android phones and tablets to help us get the content we want even faster. It’s calledCurrents (previously rumored as Propeller), and, simply put, it’s incredible.

Basically, it takes your favorite websites and turns them into digital magazines. A whole slew of top sites are already involved in the project, including All Things D, Mashable, The Huffington Post, The Next Web, and PBS, just to name a few. Currents starts you off with a small library to check out, but you can add and remove content as you please.

unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

It’s more than just the sites in the library, too – you can add RSS feeds, public Google+ feeds, and basically any other website to your library.

Currents, along with all of its content, is available for free in the Android Market. Hit the link below to grab it.


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